Sunday, July 22, 2012

Little Devil

I cling to the cusp of transformation - the brink of something
new. And there's a devil deep inside me that pushes its way
through my lips, my hands, my hips, my thighs. I love, I give,
I get closer to One - So high in the clouds, this must be
you. But in the morning I wake, hungover from exposure,
with emptiness in hand, and loneliness in heart.
Soon from the depths, the devil is
renewed, and the clawing begins at the start.

I'm Not Into Titles Right Now

I need to find a baby in Chicago
Silent burp-a-baby-until-you-find
-an-unexpected-way-to-die improv 
scenes just won't suffice right now.
I need to find a baby in Chicago
One that really drinks and wets!
It will sleep when I sleep and
when it's awake it will look up
at me and smile and when I smell 
its head I will be one with the 
sun, the moon, the stars. But first,
I need to find a baby in Chicago
I'll teach it to say mamamama
and stand across the room with
my arms outstretched, waiting
for the first step to come and into 
my arms it will enter toddlerdom.
The two of us will go for stroller 
walks and stop for ice cream if 
the feeling's right, then onward
past the weary folks with dogs 
we'll babble back and forth in code.
I need to find a baby in Chicago

Waves of Truth

For Lake Michigan

Freshwater waves roll in quieter
today - as if the man on the moon
wasted on universal truths -
whispered what can't be un-known
Now the foolish waves know
it's not their fate
to ever
reach the

This Doesn't Have a Name

takes fifteen
days to fall out
of love with your life
New bodies to need
new enemies
just in time
to go