Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The archetypal apple wishes it could be
A tasty provider of nutrition
As it rightly ought to be
But carnal temptation, objects of affection
And falling not far from the tree
Is the reputation the apple was given
Before it was even a seed
So misunderstood it sits on the shelves
Scanning our eyes for beliefs
Longing to be just picked up and eaten
Without considering Adam and Eve

Don't Go In There

Flickers from the silver screen
Dance before me in seduction
Their pain to me
Is but a star in the day
Removed like a scent
A flavor
A hint
Inert and amorphous at best
Stranger scenarios than I've ever seen
Stumbling blocks and stupid decisions
Appalling to the pious perspective
The virgin sensibility
Pressed into the seal of my story
Yet I loathe to look away
Even pantomime in private
And dream of things that cannot be
I yearn for the night all day
A degree removed from reality
A subversive creature breathes and grows
A beloved parasite
That leads me from light
Onto disgusting streets of freaks and worse
To be a fly on the wall is all I desire
Yet from my lying mouth
Well-rehearsed lines spill freely
And before I know which way is up
I'm falling fast and deep
Rubbing elbows with locals
And up to my knees
Stinging needles and scraping skin on sidewalks
Cracked beyond recognition
Until I wake
In satin sheets
Credits crawling up the wall