Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Wave

I wrestle with my shadow
It follows me too closely
Sometimes I want to lie down
And let it smother me
Close my eyes and succumb
To all the things I know I am
But don’t want to admit
I’ve become

A ghost guards the gates
A mystery’s inside
Could it be all the love that’s
Missing when you search behind my eyes
Or pure hatred
Stowed away and pressurized
Or simply sadness
Poised to immobilize

I fear you are drowning
And it sickens me to think
There’s no rhyme
Or reason to the tide
I’m a slave to its chaotic sinking
I orbit within it
You try desperately to
Comprehend it

Promise after promise
Escapes from my grasp
I can’t fathom your faith for me
I clench my fists harder and harder
In case you give up on me
I ready for the wave
It’s coming
It’s coming