Monday, November 7, 2011


A corpse in the sheets
Saltines at my side
White crumbs all around
The ants march on by
They heave and they hoist
Many times their size
And that's how I know
They're stronger than I


I spy you from across the room
Those big bald heads
Like silver moons
So simple, vast, and open wide
While I, equipped with higher mind,
Spend muddled hours swatting flies
And dank ideas pass me by
Clogging up the river so
My beaver brain dams up the flow

But you two,
My inspiration,
Your story's not been told
The life you live
The love you give
Lives right behind your nose
And though, like me, you ache and grow
Simple pleasure is all you know
And you'd think it silly
To seek for much
Any further beyond your toes