Monday, April 4, 2011

April Poem #3

I'm skipping to Day 4's prompt, which is to write about a particular type of person. I have been thinking about limericks lately so I decided to write one about a lazy person.  Limericks are short and usually tongue-in-cheek and are fun to write once you get going.  As with many poetry forms, there are rules to follow about meter and rhyming and whatnot. I have a hard time following rules, so bear with me.

I actually have four to share.

You've been up for four hours still sitting.
Still dressed in pajamas, how fitting!
Get off your rump,
You lazy chump
Or out on the curb you'll be sitting.

And here is the first poem I remember writing. It was an assignment in my 5th grade language arts class:

There once was a girl named Karen.
All day long she ate heron.
She choked on a bone.
What a horrible tone!
And now there's no heron or Karen.

See? Fun! Here's another one about myself sixteen years later (Wow, has it really been that long?):

Karen Jane
There once was a gal named Karen Jane.
All day she chewed on sugar cane.
Then some got caught;
Her teeth did rot.
And boy, how she hollered in pain!

And a love poem:

Lost Love Limerick
Couldn't tell, was it me? Was it you?
Have we said our goodbyes so soon?
I let you in
And I'd do it again
'Cause there's no other lover like you.

Do try this at home!