Monday, August 20, 2012

Black Pistol Dream

We were hanging out in some high rise building in a big city. The interior was kinda shitty and messy. You were pacing around and acting kind of crazy, saying you were going to do something... you grabbed two black pistols and handed one to me. We went out the back door and down the stairs to the alley that opened up to a huge, grassy park. We talked for a minute... we were in agreement about what was said... then you grabbed your gun and started shooting it up into the air while running around like a madman. I looked on approvingly, but I left my gun dangling on a ladder. I watched as people all around started scattering and screaming and I was compelled to pick up my gun and shoot it at the ground one time in agreement. The man in front of me turned around; I saw he was a police officer. He very matter-of-factly looked me in the eyes and shot me in the chest one time and turned around and walked away. The whole world slowed down around me and I thought 'This is it. I'm going to die. This is how I'm going to die. I can't believe it. All I did was shoot the ground and now I'll never see another day.' I kept putting my fingers on the wound, looking for blood, but there was no blood-- just a hole because the bullet had gone through me. I suddenly felt hopeful that I could live if I could just get help, but no around me would stop.

Wartime Folly

I mistook a dream for a summer breeze
From a peaceful decade past
Now I'm sweating bullets
In Allandale tower
In twisted gowns
And broken glass

Outside the window
Between nuclear sun and suburban cracks
I see no black mirage
But feel the ricochet
Of cannons on the ground
And a hand upon my back