Thursday, April 21, 2011


As you probably noticed, I have not kept up with the Poem a Day Challenge for April, as I fully anticipated. Even so, I feel like it was a success because it got me thinking creatively and writing more than usual.

This is my brain on life.

Red Line
My imagination is overflowing.
Or maybe imagination is the wrong word.
My frontal lobe is exploding.
I'm sure that is a better way to put it.

Airstream dreams, real estate schemes, poetic themes,
scholars and locals, hard lessons, low blows,
practices and rehearsals,
whoopie pies and thunder thighs,
kitty sand and coffee hands,
over-ambitions and a thousand decisions
that can change a life forever.

No wonder I keep walking
into a room, only to forget
what I walked in to do.