Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Poem #5

Today's Poem A Day Challenge is to write a "What if?" poem. I wrote this one in iambic tetrameter. It's amazing how much easier it's getting to follow poetic forms just by doing a little every day.

If someone else had helped you out
of Market Street that summer day,
If I had not against my will
Gone out to your apartment on
Barnett and written on your arm
An invitation, "Call me, please!"
If you had never prank called me,
And had not waited patiently
For me to tie up my loose ends,
If we had played it safe and slow,
If we had acted logically,
Then to this day I wouldn't know
That cereal is good with orange
Juice late at night and words like fluff,
Elude and poonagie would have
No meaning in them whatsoever.