Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

Every year I cry on my birthday. Sometimes it's out of the blue, sometimes it's after a few drinks, sometimes there seems to be no real reason for it, but it always feels a little sad. Sure enough, I had my annual cry today totally unexpectedly but, for a change, it felt propelled by joy. 2011 is the best.

Birthday Cry
One hot tear followed by another.
One more year, gone away so fast.
This year feels much different from the others;
I cried big tears of happiness this time.

Just for a little perspective, here's my 2010 birthday poem:

Happy Birthday

The older you get
The less people care
About all your troubles
And your welfare

You move right along
And then one day
No one can be found
To listen to you say

Your mom's not well
Your daddy's gone to hell
Your sister's joined the circus
And the cat's down the well

You pick up the phone
It musta gone dead
'Cause nobody's calling
They've all turned to lead

Happy Anniversary
Happy Birthday
Have a Merry Christmas
But you know we can't stay

Turn on the tube
For some imagination
They took away the frequency
Don't bother to change the station

Flip on the tunes
This one you remember
The words jump out
Of your mouth like embers

You feel the same
As you did back then
But your glasses are thicker
And your hair is thin

Look in the mirror
Look into yourself
I'll be damned
To put my soul on the shelf

Remember how you felt
Remember that was you
That made the moment sweet
That took in the view

The world's gone to hell
Without any trouble
The flames are encroaching
And licking the rubble

So climb on the rooftops
And shout it aloud
Say it with conviction
Til you part the clouds

Happy Anniversary
Happy fucking birthday
Have a Merry Christmas
And don't forget to pray

Cute, huh? :)