Friday, March 2, 2012

Social Commentary


People seem to prefer to stay in unpleasant situations rather than find solutions to make them better. I, for instance, like to put empty ice trays back in the freezer so that when I need ice--and there is none-- I am reminded of what an inconsiderate asshole I am.


I never wash the sheets so that I never have to sleep alone.


I met a new group of about fifteen women today. (I wanted to call them girls just now. But I called them women instead, on principle. When I was a kid I refused to call women women because I thought woman was a dirty word like bitch or whore. It wasn't until I was a teenager and technically a woman myself that I got over it and stopped calling everyone a lady or a girl.) Anyway, these women were all sitting around talking about laser hair removal as if it were as common as brushing one's teeth. They had all had some work done. It struck me as odd. I guess if I don't know what to talk about in a group of female strangers, I'll just casually mention my pubic hair.

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